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Forbidden legend : sex and chopsticks 2 (2009)

The Forbidden Legend: Sex and Chopsticks 2” is a pretty convoluted affair, with a plot that resembles a psychotic soap opera, packed full of scheming, double dealings and betrayals. Simon Qing is a great, if not exactly likeable protagonist, utterly obsessed with his own carnal desires and increasingly ruthless in his willingness to sacrifice others in pursuit of his own satisfaction. The film really is quite dark, much more so than the rather silly original, especially towards the end, when the bodies start to pile up and as things build towards a truly shocking finale. All of this works very well, and the film serves as a reminder of the very best that the category III genre once offered viewers a decade or so ago. Thanks to the intricacies of the plot, the film remains engaging outside of the crazy couplings, and is surprisingly tense, with director Chin doing a great job and wisely remembering that more than just sex scenes are required to hold the interest.

This having been said, gratuitous sex and nudity is certainly the film’s raison d’ĂȘtre and on this score it certainly delivers, with a fairly non stop parade of graphic scenes of almost every variety imaginable. Some of these are pretty far out and wacky in the finest style of the genre, including lots of swinging, red ropes and the hilariously inappropriate use of grapes. Although it is not to suggest that the film is a tasteful affair, Chin’s camera does at least linger instead of leer, and despite the nasty edge during the latter stages, there is a sense of fun to most of its encounters. The actresses are all beautiful, whether unclothed or wearing push up bodices that put “Curse of the Golden Flower” to shame and the film is certainly easy on the eyes, thanks also to some surprisingly handsome production values. This gives it a further boost, and sets it several notches higher than its predecessors of old

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