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3 Days of a Blind Girl

A freak accident leaves a young woman temporarily blind. Her husband a doctor abruptly leaves for a seminar leaving her in the care of their maid who shortly thereafter disappears after going to town on an errand. Helpless and along the young woman is confronted by a man who blames her husband for his own wife’s death.
The bulk of the story takes place at the doctor and his blind wives remote home. This claustrophobic setting further drives homes the films lead character Mrs. Ng (the blind woman) paranoia. Even though her blindness is only temporary (hence the films title “3 Days of a Blind Girl”), her mounting fear and abuse at the hands of her captor Sam Chu never feel forced. A lot of why the cat and mouse game that goes on between Mrs. Ng and Sam Chu should be attributed to the two actors (Veronica Yip, Anthony Wong) who were cast in the roles and their performances.
Veronica Yip is utterly convincing as woman who has just lost her sight and Anthony Wong delightfully diabolical in the role of her tormentor. Anthony Wong is no stranger to playing psychopaths in such films like Hard Boiled, The Untold Story and The Ebola Syndrome. One of the more memorable moments in the film is a scene where Mrs. Ng is taking a shower and Sam Chu mimes the movements as though he was washing her body. This scene also perfectly exhibits the way in which the Sam Chu gets off every time he pushes Mrs. Ng’s sanity closer to the edge. The film is briskly paced as it leads to a satisfying conclusion that neatly wraps up most of the loose ends. Ultimately 3 Days of a Blind Girl is tense thriller that fully exploits its interesting premise

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